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LACNIC policy allows you to transfer IPv4 address space to members of LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC or RIPE regions.
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LACNIC transfer policy

Under the LACNIC transfer policy, transfers of Internet address space are permitted, including transfers resulting from mergers or acquisitions. However, there is a mandatory requirement for the transfer, which is the justification of the need for the address space.
In other words, the buyer must provide a clear explanation of where and how they intend to use the transferred address space. This justification ensures that the address space is allocated and utilized for legitimate purposes in accordance with the policy guidelines.
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LACNIC Transfer process

Creating an account
To initiate the transfer process, the buyer is required to create a LACNIC account on the official LACNIC website.
Application submission
The buyer submits an application to LACNIC, seeking preliminary approval for the transfer. In this application, the buyer must provide a justification for their need for IPv4 address space.
To finalize the transfer, the buyer and seller engage in negotiations where they discuss the specific details of the IPv4 address transfer, including cost. During this process, a confidentiality agreement is typically established, specifying when the buyer should transfer funds to an escrow account, to whom the funds should be transferred, when the seller should initiate the transfer, and when the seller should receive the payment. These negotiations are conducted under the supervision of a broker.
Seller's request
The seller proceeds to create a transfer request for the address space through the MyLACNIC portal. This step generates a LACNIC ticket number, and the seller is required to pay a $200 deposit.
Buyer’s confirmation
The buyer receives a notification through the MyLACNIC portal, informing them about the incomplete process of transferring the address space. The buyer must confirm their intention to proceed with the transfer.
Seller’s information
The seller provides the requested information to the LACNIC analyst as part of the transfer process.
LACNIC request approval
Once both parties have confirmed the transfer request, the buyer has justified their need for the address space, and the seller has provided all the necessary information, LACNIC approves the request.
Transfer invoice
The buyer is responsible for paying the transfer bill to LACNIC. The amount of the invoice varies depending on the size of the address block, ranging from $1000 to $1500.
Signing of the agreement
LACNIC sends the address space transfer agreement via email. Both the buyer and seller print the document, sign it, and send it back to LACNIC. At this stage, the transfer process is considered complete.

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