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What does the AFRINIC Transfer Policy allow?

This policy allows you to transfer IP addresses only within the region. Also AFRINIC allows transfers due to mergers or acquisitions. In both cases, the recipient must confirm their need for the requested addresses.
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Advantages and disadvantages

AFRINIC is the only transfer among regional registries that currently still has several IPv4 addresses in a free pool. In addition, it does not have an interregional transfer policy. Therefore, since the beginning of 2021, no one has used or been interested in this method of transferring IP addresses.
Now AFRINIC wants to launch a policy that would allow inter-regional transfers with RIR. With the implementation of this policy, an IPv4 address market will open in Africa.
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AFRINIC transfers buy and sell process

Creation of account.
Buyer needs to create an AFRINIC member account. This is a prerequisite in order to get the IPv4 address.
To complete the transfer, the buyer and seller will need to negotiate, at which they must discuss all the details of the transfer of the IPv4 address, as well as the cost. In the process, an agreement about confidentiality terms is concluded. The agreement should specify: when the buyer should transfer funds to escrow, to whom he should transfer, when the seller should initiate the transfer, when he should receive it. Note that this process passes without the participation of AFRINIC.
Initiating the transfer process.
Both the seller and the buyer can send a request to the AFRINIC. If the agreement states that the seller must initiate the transfer process, then he goes to the MyAFRINIC portal, where he is already registered. If the process is initiated by the buyer, then he must also register in the AFRINIC.
Receiving a notification from AFRINIC.
Depending on who initiated the transfer, the seller or buyer receives a message from AFRINIC notifying them of an incomplete request for the transfer of IPv4 space.
Confirmation of the request.
The buyer or seller (depending on who sent the request) must confirm the process of transferring the IPv4 address.
Signing of the application.
Both the seller and the buyer must sign the AFRINIC Transfer Application. Without this application, the process will not be completed.
The AFRINIC issues an invoice for the transfer fee. If the seller is not the member of the Legacy holder, no membership fee is required. After that, the buyer receives an invoice for the IP address. The cost will depend on the size of the transmitted IPv4 space.
Completion of the process.
AFRINIC completes IPv4 space transfer. The Whois will be updated, after which the transfer is completed.

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