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IP transfers between regions

Inter-RIR allows you to effectively use the IPv4 address space. Thanks to the ability to transfer IP addresses between owners in different regions — APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE, more opportunities open up for sellers and buyers.
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RIR (Regional Internet Registry) deals with address space allocation, LIR registration, statistics and dispute resolution. These are non-profit organizations, they don't sell anything. However, each LIR pays membership fees (calculated based on the size of the network) in RUR. RIRs do not work with end users and individuals.There are five of them in total — RIPE for Europe and the Middle East, ARIN for North America, APNIC for Asia and the Pacific, LANIC for Latin America and AFRINIC for Africa. The status of RIR is assigned by IANA and it is impossible for an organization to become RUR.


LIR (Local Internet Registry) are divided into categories based on the size of the network. There are 5 categories in total — Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small. The categories depend on the size and several other factors, and are assigned by the RIR itself. LIR pays membership fees to RUR. They are small and calculated based on the LIR class. LIR has the right to allocate (Sub-Allocated) or sell SAN and IP/PI to its customers. Also, the LIR can be an intermediary between the end user and RIPE (for example, in the situation of registering AS\PI\LIR). As a rule, large network operators (providers, data centers, registrars, etc.) have the status of LIR.
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The process of transferring IP addresses

Creation of account.
Buyer needs to create an RIR member account. This is a prerequisite in order to get the IPv4 address.
Application for approval.
The application is submitted with a justification of how and why the IPv4 address space will be used. It is necessary to prove to the RIR that there is a need to obtain these addresses.
To complete the transfer, the buyer and seller will need to negotiate, at which they must discuss all the details of the transfer of the IPv4 address, as well as the cost. In the process, an agreement about confidentiality terms is concluded. The agreement should specify: when the buyer should transfer funds to escrow, to whom he should transfer, when the seller should initiate the transfer, when he should receive it. Negotiations should pass under the supervision of a broker.
Initiating the transfer process.
Then you need to submit a transfer request on the online portal of your RIR, where you will need to enter detailed information about the buyer's organization.
Transfer fee.
Owners of addresses in the APNIC, LACNIC, and some ARIN regions will have to pay a small commission for the transfer.
Confirmation of the request.
The seller must confirm the process of transferring the IPv4 address.
Confirmation of the request by the buyer.
After the seller, a request to confirm the transfer of the address space is sent to the buyer.
RIR approval.
After the seller and the buyer have confirmed the request for the transfer of the address space, the RIR will require them to sign a form confirming their consent.
Completion of the process.
RIR completes IPv4 space transfer. The Whois will be updated, after which the transfer is completed.

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