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INTERLIR: IPv4 Address Broker and Networks Marketplace

Interlir (managed by Interlir GmbH from Berlin, Germany) is a marketplace solution that provides real-time addresses leasing and market visualization. Our aim is to deliver real-time solutions addressing network address availability problems with innovative ways of solving them. We offer an efficient platform where owners meet users, increasing networks availability and optimizing their value. Our goal is to become the most reliable address provider and market leader worldwide.


With the help of our platform, you can redistribute the entire mass of IPv4 resources unused in Europe and around the world for practical use, offering everyone who really needs IPv4 addresses to lease them from their owners for a while and as needed on a reimbursable basis. Also Interlir as a IPv4 address broker provides support fo permanent transfers of IP networks.

Here you can find and trade IPv4 networks with other companies, organizations, or individuals in need of them or simply looking to rent out their unused space on their networks. No more sub-leasing, no more getting ripped off by IP brokers! You can now find other organizations that need IPv4 addresses in your range and trade with them directly!

Interlir IPv4 rent marketplace


The main objective of Interlir is to bring network block owners and clients closer together and increase the visibility of the IP address market. We will offer a simple, transparent, and automated process of leasing out or selling IP addresses to end-users to reach it.

Our portal will act as a IPv4 brokers platform between clients looking for IP space to start hosting their websites or online services and local network owners (enterprises, service providers). The service will benefit end-users and be very useful for network space owners. We need more people that have IPv4 networks to rent them out on our marketplace. 

We want to provide a suitable environment where IP owners and clients can make deals that fit them best! This service is needed since many organizations don’t use all their IPs and want someone else to pay for those unused IPs instead of wasting money on something they won’t use! Also, we need our customers who wish to host websites or online services because most ISP doesn’t give out new public IPs anymore, so if you want one, you need to get one from another source! And lastly, we need companies like ours that provide internet access using private IP ranges! 

So please join us today and help us improve your business by joining our community!

Interlir IPv4 rent marketplace model

Scenario 1 – Customer

An Interlir’s IP Marketplace works like car rental services where you can choose the required vehicle and pay only when using it. There are no obligations to buy or return, no need to spend money on a new car or contract obligations, just pay as you go with only what you need!  You are a customer, and you need an IP network with a certain number of addresses to connect your offices. You go on Interlir, instead of ip address brokers, select the required number of addresses, where you want to join them, and how long. After that, the Interlir system matches your request with available networks in inventory and shows available networks that can meet your needs. All networks are pre-approved by the owners.

For network owners, it’s a new opportunity to rent out their networks and make some extra money without the additional costs of running network equipment and maintenance 24×7! On Interlir, all expenses are included in the lease price! And we only take any commissions from leasing fees for management services – we want to make your business flourish! We want to show how accessible and profitable business with Interlir can be! For IP address end-users, it’s an excellent opportunity to rent IP addresses only when they need them. No need anymore to overbuy or store unused IP addresses; just pay for what you use!

Why Buy/Rent IP Networks?

Several online services have been created to serve as marketplaces where anyone can buy and/or rent network address space, from small business owners looking to upgrade their current network address space, to service providers that want additional address space to host an expanding number of clients.

As a result, more and more IP network owners are willing to sell or rent their IP space. Anyone can rent unused addresses at affordable prices, paying only when using them. That is why we created our own IP network marketplace – Interlir. It is truly an international platform with over 20% of users originating from Germany and other significant user bases in France, Turkey, Poland, the UK, Brazil, and Japan.


Our IP network marketplace is an ideal way to purchase unused network address space and/or rent it out to those in need. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly buy or sell IPv4 addresses with just a few clicks. We ensure that every step of the process goes smooth and seamless, providing all tools needed at the lowest prices on the market.

 The first time your order was made, we already got paid. You pay monthly you have ordered our service. Our revenue depends solely on your feedback, so we strive to please our customers by constantly improving our site’s selections of networks and the functionality of our site.

 You can purchase unused network addresses to /upgrade your current IP address space and rent them out to cover all or part of your hosting expenses. All purchases can be made using either credit cards, SEPA, or Giropay accounts, and if you don’t have either of those – we can accept cryptocurrency as an additional payment method. Since all transactions on our platform are protected with SSL encryption and carried out through Stripe secure payments, it’s a safe way to both buy and sell network addresses.

Scenario 2 – The Provider (Who Owns the IP Networks)

The provider has a network with public IP addresses (for example, /24 netmasks or bigger) that are not in use and are not assigned to anyone. Its parameters are defined to allow easy implementation into existing infrastructure without any problems. The provider signs up at Interlir and indicates available prefixes he wants to share with other people. Once registered at the platform (which takes 5 minutes), he can make a virtual shelf, similar to eBay’s auction page, where he lists his inventory. He will be ready to lease out.

 After the IP owner lists his inventory (that usually contains /24 to /16 netmasks), he does not has to wait till someone interested contacts him; it’s all up to Interlir to proceed with deals and setup IPv4 rent deal. All contracts between providers and network owners are signed privately, and all information is confidential. To protect the personal data of provider and network owner, all correspondence related to sales goes through the Interlir automated portal, which ensures that no data leaves our platform without necessity. All other marketplace participants can use an advanced filtering system, which allows them to show only those networks they are interested in.

New to the market?

With the INTERLIR solution at hand, even a novice user can start making money right away! The provider has nothing to do after somebody rents his IPv4 address. The whole transaction happens automatically and is under the control of Interlir administrators. Our platform changes required network parameters and automatically updates RIR databases in a short time. The new owner can work with it like its own network (he gets all the necessary information from our platform).

 Our platform takes care of all other aspects – it checks if there are no conflicts, verifies possible overlaps, and makes sure everything works as planned. When everything is ready, Interlir sends a confirmation email to both parties (provider and purchaser), which allows them to start using the new network without any problems.

IP Networks Owners

The owners of IP networks will be able to list their network address space on a marketplace and rent, lease out or sell it as needed. IP addresses are often not fully used at each network, so owners have many unused addresses that they are willing to give away and earn some money. This service will provide an online platform that allows IP networks owners to offer their unused IP address space, either on rent or sale. The aim is to drive up the turnover of IPv4 networks by giving end-users access to extra IP addresses instead of having them wait until new IP address blocks become available on a first-come-first-served basis.

 So, if you want to exchange or rent your unused IP addresses online at a market price and help accelerate IPv6 deployment simultaneously, you can sign up as an owner on the Interlir platform now! Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly after receiving your application and will prepare everything so that you can launch your network as a business partner with just a few clicks. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us – just fill out our online form at portal.interlir.com! We hope many IP networks owners will join us soon!

Unused IPs

 Other companies that have unused IP addresses or need more IP addresses may also be interested in joining our platform. Our platform will provide you with an easy way to buy or rent additional IP address space, which can be routed using private networking solutions to your data center or other locations.

If you want to sell your entire network and move it somewhere else, we will help you find a buyer and ensure that all data is preserved throughout your migration. We are here for you! The potential of Interlir’s solution is already clear – It’s time to enable Internet access for everyone in a more efficient manner now!

How to list a network with Interlir to monetise with IPv4 network rent ?

A step-by-step list of all necessary steps to list a network on IP Network Marketplace. How to properly save network information, make the network as visible as possible, and find the right people using the right tools.  

In adding a new IP network, you need to fill out a form to check the ownership of the network and indicate the conditions for renting IP networks.

To publish the IP network on the Interlir marketplace, the IP owner should prepare the network and transfer the rights to manage the network to the Interlir platform.

The process consists of 3 steps.

Checklist : Check details here

  1. Create a company account
  2. Publish an IP network
  3. Subscription management

As soon as you sign a contract and set MNT-LOW or MNT-BY to interlir-mnt, your network will be available on the marketplace for rent.

How to find good rent customers? 

Many network owners worry about when, how, and where to advertise their network. In our opinion, these questions are fundamental. We will answer them in detail below. How to get maximum profit from your network?:

Step-by-step list of all necessary steps to maximize your earnings from IP networks. 

1) Set a fair market price IPv4 rent

2) Provide a long term agreement (12-50 months)

3) Provide clean, spam-free networks

How much can you earn by renting out an IP network? All information about rental prices on Interlir marketplace is available here http://portal.interlir.com/marketplace.

Interlir is running a project in Germany with several German Hosting companies. The purpose of that cooperation is to help small businesses utilize their unutilized IP addresses with IPv4 rent, consequently reducing overhead costs in both man-hours and time for network administrators and allowing them to do more valuable things with those same resources. 

The Nitty Gritty Details on Rental Price, Deposit, and Other Things

Consider important details once you’ve decided to rent out an IP network. After all, someone may want to IPv4 network rent , but they may have a few questions before they do. So it’s best to have some answers ready. Here are a few of the nitty-gritty details that you’ll need to figure out when setting up your rental business…

 With so many important details to cover, it’s good to have a checklist you can use every time someone wants to IPv4 network rent . And it’s easy to set one up. All you need is paper and pen or a computer spreadsheet.

As long as your forms are clear and complete, having everything in writing will help you manage any issues that may arise along the way with renting out an IP network. At the same time, Interlir offers your completely automated checklist. Just provide your company details and network addresses. Interlir will help you by providing automated workflows and integrated payment and contract approval systems, so you will never miss anything important. Whether you are an owner or end-user, our marketplace will help you get most IP network resources.


Interlir is a marketplace solution that provides real-time addresses leasing and market visualization. Our aim is to deliver real-time solutions addressing network address availability problems with innovative ways of solving them. We offer an efficient platform where owners meet users, increasing networks availability and optimizing their value. Our goal is to become the most reliable address provider and market leader worldwide.

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    INTERLIR: IPv4 Address Broker and Networks Marketplace

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