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How lease out IPv4 network and get revenue
InterLIR helps IP owners with under-utilised IPv4 resources to get revenue by leasing out their networks.
Get revenue
How can I get revenue from IPv4 ?
IPv4 addresses are a limited resource that may run out sooner than you think! Leasing IPv4 addresses can ensure your business has the IP space it needs when leasing IPv4 addresses in 2022. If you wait until the last minute, your business could be left behind, so start planning now! This guide will help you understand what IPv4 addresses are and how they work and how to lease them.
Why should you lease out IPv4? You may want to lease your IPv4 addresses if you don’t need all of them at once or ever. For example, leasing makes sense if you’re running a small business and don’t have many employees but need more than one public IP address. An Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address is a numerical label assigned to each device that connects to a computer network that uses IP. The numbering system uses four numbers separated by periods (also called an IP address) and is expressed in dotted-decimal notation, such as Some numbers are reserved for a particular use, so they can’t be used leased or purchased from a service provider. Typically these are low-numbered addresses with special meanings, including 0 and 255, although it varies depending on country regulations.
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Earn Money From Your IPv4 Networks
Legally Secure
Our operations fully comply with a European law. We conduct a full survey of our counterparties, study the history of their use of IP addressing from other owners, analyze the beneficiaries and the company itself.
24/7 Support
Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. INTERLIR is certified to the highest compliance standards.
Abuse Management
We constantly monitor complaints from Internet users that come through official channels, we carry out, by our own means, preventive selective monitoring of networks in use by tenants for prohibited activities. 24/7 Support
We make payouts to your banks accounts as soon as we get funds from IP network customers.
Step-by-step guide
Register an account on InterLIR marketplace In order to get full access to INTERLIR marketplace, please register on the the marketplace and fill out the required information in order to activate your account as an INTERLIR member
Register a company account In order make any deals on the marketplace, INTERLIR needs to verify your company. Register a company account at the marketplace and we will be in touch with you shortly.
Publish IP network Provide inetnum and set the desired term for lease out. You set the price and period. After import approval, your network is ready for rent. The owners signs the contract and change MNT-LOW to INTERLIR-MNT
Subscription management INTERLIR will take care of everything for you. They handle the end customer orders and collect payments on invoice. INTERLIR also sets up Route and rDNS objects, but if you need to do it yourself they offer those services too.
Get a payout InterLIR collects your funds from customer and then makes payouts to your bank account.
Is it safe to lease out IPv4?
Should I spend a lot of efforts to lease out IPv4?
Why would anyone lease unused IP addresses?

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