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Managed Servers

Managed servers are the best solution for large companies, because by renting this type of server you get powerful dedicated equipment that will not provide you with administrative hassle.

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Who are Managed Servers suitable for?

Companies that have large projects need as much productivity as possible. Managed servers are served directly by web hosts, not their clients.

The competence of web hosts is an advantage - customers can benefit from comprehensive security concepts and excellent installation. In Interlir you can rent a managed server at a bargain price, and our team will help you choose the best solution that will meet your needs.

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Advantages of Managed Servers

Saving time.

The main advantage of managed servers is that the client does not need to take care of everything himself (unlike the root server). All settings, updates, installation of server modules and much more are taken over by the web host. This is confirmed by comprehensive experience and an effective approach, which can lead to significant cost savings. When using managed servers, all maintenance and support work is taken over by web hosters, who can often do the work more economically and efficiently than internal employees.

Problem solving.

Managed servers are an enticing concept that solves problems. Those who independently maintain servers usually spend a lot of time and are far from being able to work as routine and professionally as a web host. Many website operators also simply do not have the know-how to maintain a root server. Even with basic knowledge, the time required is usually not even worth the effort. Managed servers have another advantage: if you cause damage yourself, you will have no one to blame. If no immediate action is taken when security breaches occur, this can lead to huge damage. The same applies to an emergency shutdown of the server. In case of damage, you can contact the web host in the case of a managed server. Their insurance company is solvent and can immediately compensate for any damage.


Economical prices and high quality of services reflect the advantages of an effective division of labor. With the help of managed servers, hosting providers offer an excellent opportunity to improve the performance of the site. This leads to an increase in the number of visitors, as existing visitors are less likely to drop out due to problems. Web hosters offer 24-hour customer service for managed servers. Of course, a managed server doesn't make sense for everyone - especially for small businesses. But if you have a big project, then a managed server will help you keep it and even increase it.


What are managed servers?

What do I need to know about managed servers?

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