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Join the world's largest IP Marketplace. Many of companies - from startups to global enterprises - use our marketplace to lease, rent and manage their IPv4 address for global scale online businesses.
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The Platform provides services for owners and end-users of IP networks.

We engage IP owners to utilize their assets more efficiently and generate revenue streams while providing transparent online reporting and in-time payouts. We provide support services for LIRs, such as AS registration and RIR transfers

We provide IP end-users with fair-priced IP networks for leasing, so they can scale their Internet business at an unprecedented pace.

We provide convenient payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies
A fully integrated infrastructure for IP networks management
There is no need to spend hours to research the prices for networks, we have done it already. We are trying to save you time and money, basically the most valuable things in the world.

Easy to use platform
for IPv4 owners and digital companies
You can manage your IP network online in real-time, access your network status and manage contracts, invoices and payments in real-time as well.

- Secure and GDPR Compliant
- Full Abuse Monitoring
- Automated LOA Assignment
Lease IPv4 at fair-price
For Digital Business
Monetize your assets
For IP networks owners
The marketplace will help you to get the best deals for your network. You will be able to freely chose your leasing provider, offering the best prices and services.

- Flexible and transparent pricing.
- No hidden fees, just one easy-to-understand price.
- You can pay with cards, bank transfers, or cryptocurrencies.

InterLIR is your trusted guide to the world IP Networks market
1M+ IPv4
Unlike other brokers that "assign" IP address to their customers and process it through proxy, we work directly with the owner of the IP address.
24/7 Support
Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. INTERLIR is certified to the highest compliance standards.
Abuse Management

We constantly monitor complaints from Internet users that come through official channels, we carry out, by our own means, preventive selective monitoring of networks in use by tenants for prohibited activities.
Legally Secure
Our operations fully comply with a European law. We conduct a full survey of our counterparties, study the history of their use of IP addressing from other owners, analyze the beneficiaries and the company itself.
We help you to scale your network, without any limitations. You will receive a network with zero downtime, even if you need to scale your network at this very moment!
Easiest way to rent IP anywhere in the world
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