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Cloud Hosting Servers

Cloud hosting servers rental allow you to host a website or application on multiple interconnected cloud servers, which provides higher performance and scalability. Thus, the difference between cloud hosting and traditional hosting is that your product is deployed not on one server, but on several.

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What benefits

There are many advantages to this type of cheap service for business, including increased security and scalability, which means you can upgrade your plan when you need more space or capacity. If you are looking for an efficient way to host your website, then a cloud hosting server, which Interlir marketplace can provide you fast and easy, may be what you need!

Features and advantages of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting servers have several distinctive characteristics, on the basis of which its advantages over other types of hosting are built: 

- you can access your web pages and files from any computer with an internet connection (and browser) without having to worry about uploading them to the server first;

- you can access your files from anywhere in the world - Germany, USA, India, Brazil and so forth, since they are stored on a server that you have access to, and not on your personal computer;

- when you rent a cloud hosting server you get more flexibility while storing data. With this type of hosting, it's easy to run multiple websites or share large files, since there are no file size limits;

- cheap cloud hosting allows companies to host a large number of websites on one cloud server, which will allow the owner to save time and money by placing them all in one place.

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Main advantages of cloud hosting rental

Users get easy access to the server applications necessary for their work through a single cloud console, regardless of where they are located and what hardware or software they use.
Easy to use.
Users can manage and monitor their servers in real time, as well as add and remove servers and applications at any time, without requiring technical knowledge or support.
Cloud hosting allows users to quickly increase (and decrease) server capacity when the popularity of a website is growing or falling.

What is a cloud server?

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