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The ever-growing demand for IP blocks is driving up prices and turning overused IP space into money for those looking to sell IPv4. Interlir Marketplace offers an insider’s look at the industry while also ensuring they find the best deal on selling your used IP addresses to qualified buyers. Our experts never serve any other purpose but to do what’s best for you – give us a call now! Your extra IPs can go for more than you think in today’s market.

Your IP addresses are valuable – don’t let them go to waste! Having an excess of unused IPs is only helpful when they’re being put to good use and not just sitting around in your data center. Put them out there on the free market, where savvy buyers will find them! At Interlir Marketplace, we know all about these markets. And since we already have a network of buyers at our fingertips, dealing with us will save you time and energy spent trying to find someone interested in purchasing your list. So what are you waiting for? Sell with us your IPv4 today.

The process of selling IP addresses can take up a lot of time. You might spend hours going through the list of buyers and picking someone who will pay your price. It takes even longer if you don’t know much about how things work, but luckily some brokers can help make everything easier!
A good broker can act as an agent for you when it comes to negotiating with interested parties, helping sort out whatever needs sorting out or dealing with other conditions such as payment or any contractually agreed details. Working with us means less stress and more money in your pocket!

Interlir IPv4 marketplace to sell ipv4

So, how do you sell IPv4 address anyway?

To enter the market as a new seller or transfer your allocation away from current ties, there are some steps that one needs to take, which could take anywhere from hours or weeks of work depending on size and value. It all starts with finding a target market or purchasing agreements – but even if they’re easy enough, getting through negotiations can prove very difficult when prerequisites vary heavily between clients. With regional brokers at your side acting as representatives for regional markets, problems like this can be addressed without a headache since understanding contracts and many other regulations will be taken care of with skilled negotiation specialists on call. This allows for optimal usage of valuable time by both brokers and sellers alike. Were once taking ownership, it’s simply waiting for bids instead of laborious paperwork work.

We’re here for you when you need to find a company that can help you transfer an IP address.

Check our guide : How to sell IPv4 with Interlir Marketplace

With over 10 years of experience in the industry , we work efficiently to ensure all necessary operations are completed within 24 hours. Our team is adept at transferring addresses from one location to another, so if your current provider doesn’t fit your needs anymore- don’t hesitate! Give us a call and find out what we can do for you today.

Sell IPv4 address in the RIPE region.

Based in Germany but serving clients worldwide, with a particular focus on Europe, The Middle East, and parts of Asia (RIPE) – we’ve created partnerships for those wanting to buy extra IP addresses from sellers. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure about where we are based or how big our networks are – because regardless of where you live, there is always someone who wants what they don’t have! Whether you’re a noob or an expert at transferring IPs, we will help you through the entire process.

Sell IPv4 Addresses Worldwide.

IP Transfers are a complex process and complicated for inexperienced people at times. But if you want to sell your IP addresses, don’t worry! With our extensive knowledge and experience in IP transfers – spanning across countries worldwide – we can help you find somebody who will buy them from you no matter where they are located. Let us know where they are and what type of deal you would like to make, and we’ll handle the rest. You won’t regret it!

When handling your IP addresses, we believe in providing quality service from beginning to end.

As soon as you sign up for our services, we’ll reach out about what information you’re looking to offer – whether a single block or a large grouping.
Once the intake form has been completed with all desired information, such as pricing specifics, contact information, and other terms and conditions – there will be regular updates on how interested parties respond to this type of sale. It’s never too late- even if it seems hard times might deter someone from coming forward right away, patience is key here! Based on what they want to offer and how much they are willing to sell each one for, we’ll compile a list of potential buyers in the market for what they have available at the current time.

When you decide to work with Interlir Marketplace, we want to be there for you every step of the way! One such method is ensuring you’re well taken care of during the process. That means we will search high and low until someone pays what they’re worth. And while our honesty might hurt at times, it hurts so well because it keeps us accountable and makes us work harder for our best interest.

You deserve an open market with limitless opportunities to make deals – so if you’re looking for one such place, then look no further than Interlir Marketplace. Our service is committed to being an asset-selling marketplace where all goods – including IP addresses – will be sold at a price that benefits both the seller and buyer. Let us take care of all the necessary paperwork while you receive an instant payment upon your successful deal!

You may think that selling IPv4 addresses is about putting up a sign and hoping for the best, but it’s not.

So it’s essential to choose wisely when finding an appropriate partner to work with. We at Interlir Marketplace are committed to providing our partners only the best quality service possible while maintaining transparent communication throughout. You’ll appreciate working with us because we will bring you tons of new opportunities and provide timely advice whenever needed so that you won’t be left guessing what moves to make next! With over 10 years of experience in this industry, you’re guaranteed to find success working together with us!

It would be an honor if you were to offer these IPv4 Addresses – call us, and we will oblige.

We provide top-notch customer service- this is our motto here at Interlir Marketplace, a company dedicated to its clientele. In addition, due diligence doesn’t go unnoticed- everything on this website has been painstakingly checked and double-checked, so there are no surprises. Lastly, anything else? Give us a call, and let’s discuss it over the phone- if we can’t reach an agreement, then no worries because all sales are final anyways!

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Paul Goloborodko

Interlir Product director, VP

Buy IPv4 Networks

It’s all too clear how quickly IPv4 addresses are being exhausted, and while there has been a transition in motion, bridging the gap will require an immediate purchase of IPv4. So how to buy IPv4? Many people find themselves caught up with other business needs, but this transition can’t be done overnight – it takes time and dedication. And when things seem out of hand or frustrating? It might not matter what they were before because it is irreversible once this transition starts in motion. This means that now is the perfect time to invest in getting those elusive IPs! All you have to do is come visit us at Interlir Marketplace for quick services and great deals based on years of experience, insight, knowledge, and rules and regulations, making this transition much easier for everyone involved!

IPv4 is running out. If your company hasn’t already started transitioning to IPv6, they will soon find themselves unable to reach their full potential. A lack of extra IPv4 address space will slow down productivity because IPv6 has exponentially more address space available for devices and networks than its predecessor. Business owners need to buy IPv4 addresses before the prices go up or become obsolete; otherwise, it could take a lot of time, money, and patience to acquire one manually. You don’t want that kind of headache when you can work with experienced experts handling this transaction, so they’re done fast and at an affordable price? Just talk to us!

Do you want to find out why Interlir Marketplace is perfect for purchasing an IPv4 address?

It’s actually a lot simpler than one might think. Purchasing IPv4 addresses requires an understanding of the market and many other factors, but relying on someone who has sufficient knowledge of the industry makes it all easier and smoother. With an expert IP broker backing you up during this process, finding a reliable source will become easier with every task is done quickly. So you won’t be dragged down with trying to catch up with things like figuring out how much can be saved by negotiating or filing paperwork.

A decade of experience buying and selling IPv4 addresses.

Let Interlir take care of the administrative tasks when buying or selling an IP address. Being a qualified broker, we have to negotiate with sellers and buyers, acquire authorization from all registries, remove any liability risk you may have incurred during the transaction process, etc. To make things more convenient for you during your purchase process, all you will have to do is hand over your contact information and what type of IPv4 address(es) you want to buy or sell. It is all that is required to receive all necessary instructions about proceeding with the transaction.

Get your share of IPv4 addresses now!

Being a product specialist at Interlir Marketplaces means that I have seen countless contracts and deals done throughout my career. One thing remains constant from large-scale corporate transactions to buyouts between individuals: risks associated with such dealings may come into play without warning when you least expect it.

But there is no need to worry here because all risks are taken care of. Both parties will be thoroughly compensated should something go wrong at the last minute, so there would be absolutely no unpleasant surprises or events when either side closes up their end of the bargain.

Instead, you can sit back knowing that whatever is agreed upon will come about if everything goes according to plan. So those looking to start selling IPv4 addresses or trade some first-hand knowledge of how things work before going through procedures themselves – now’s the time!

With a decade of experience under its belt, the Interlir Marketplace team has successfully facilitated transactions between buyers and sellers since 2012. With such an extensive understanding of the process, there’s no wonder that we’re one of the most trusted and reliable brokers around!

Buyers – when it comes to buying IPv4 addresses, rely on us to negotiate on your behalf while taking care of all those tedious administrative tasks.
Sellers – when you want to sell your IPv4 blocks or other resources online, let us do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what really matters: generating revenue for yourself.

When it comes to purchasing IPv4 address space, it takes diligence and planning. Acquiring this fundamental property also takes quite some time since many different stakeholders are involved – none who are willing to budge anytime soon without something in return. Of course, if you try to rush through this painstaking process, things can only get worse: no matter how much you plan ahead, there’s always a possibility that an unforeseen turn of events will lead you back to square one again. And so, before starting your search for available IPv4 blocks/addresses, make sure you’re prepared by knowing exactly what type of IPv4 block or address range you’re looking for (i.e.,/24 subnet mask) and what price are they going for today (from 45 euro).

To purchase IPv4 address space, one must take pragmatic measures. This ranges from getting ready to sell or trade your unused IPv4 address when the opportunity arises to learn how to find an IP block or IP address range that suits what you’re looking for so they can reach out accordingly and set up a deal. Regardless of who you are or what kind of need you may have, we’re here to make sure that if buying an IPv4 is what you want, it will happen smoothly and without hiccups because, after all, our name means The right thing done right.

While it might seem daunting to buy IPv4 addresses, if you understand what’s required, the whole process will be much simpler. Ensure that you’re patient with buying through this complex process and know when suitable opportunities arise for a specific block of IPs to move forward quickly and successfully. A nuanced approach to marketing allows us to provide a client-oriented service throughout every step in their journey, guiding them based on their needs but still adapting appropriately. Hence, nothing about this process becomes unclear to them. With our expertise readily available, what better way than now to venture into the market without all these headaches?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. For over a decade, we’ve specialized in doing just that: satisfying clientele needs around the world! From offering recommendations on obtaining IPv4 addresses at bargain prices to assisting with designing clever marketing campaigns, self-educating ourselves, and observing first-hand experience – it’s all been leading up to this.

We do it all, even buy IPv4.

Have you considered buying IP addresses for your company yet? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need guidance along the way. Our experts can answer any of your questions and guide you in picking the best package for your needs. Our streamlined and straightforward process means less time and money wasted- because who doesn’t want that? Get all the facts before proceeding so that when you finally decide, it’s an informed decision.

Like how people usually go about purchasing property, buying IPv4 addresses is a process you need to plan carefully. There will always be several other contenders vying for the same resources as you, so you must consider all your needs before going ahead with this endeavor. And because there will always be others competing for what you want too, chances are that whatever price you offer would become obsolete if someone else were to bid higher than yours. To avoid being caught in this dilemma again, make sure to have done some research beforehand and find out the expected amount of money required before starting negotiations.

Check our guideline on detailed process how to buy IPv4 – Checklist

How to Lease IPv4 Addresses in 2022

IPv4 addresses are a limited resource that may run out sooner than you think! Leasing IPv4 addresses can ensure your business has the IP space it needs when leasing IPv4 addresses in 2022. If you wait until the last minute, your business could be left behind, so start planning now! This guide will help you understand what IPv4 addresses are and how they work and how to lease them.

Why should you IPv4? You may want to lease your IPv4 addresses if you don’t need all of them at once or ever. For example, leasing makes sense if you’re running a small business and don’t have many employees but need more than one public IP address. An Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address is a numerical label assigned to each device that connects to a computer network that uses IP. The numbering system uses four numbers separated by periods (also called an IP address) and is expressed in dotted-decimal notation, such as

Some numbers are reserved for a particular use, so they can’t be used leased or purchased from a service provider. Typically these are low-numbered addresses with special meanings, including 0 and 255, although it varies depending on country regulations.

How much will leasing cost?

 This year, even that pool has been drained with only millions of addresses available for allocation. RIRs will hand out the remaining IP addresses in chunks of 256. By 2022 we’ll have run out, and there won’t be any more freely available addresses unless some alternative protocol or system is adopted or created, for example, IPv6.

 The problem is that not everyone wants to use IPv4 addresses and is searching for an alternative. There are some intriguing ideas for alternative protocols (see Web 3.0). Still, it will be years before any of those can come into play, so getting your hands on an IP address from a network provider will be necessary. The good news is that you can acquire these well ahead of time. The bad news is there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever actually need them. It all depends on how fast other alternatives come into play and how many devices you own.

 There are a few ways to lease an IP address from a network provider. For example, Google offers IP addresses that are leased as cloud services. Google Cloud Interconnect provides customers with public IP addresses on three continents and options for private interconnects between data centers that ensure performance and security. That is just one of many alternatives to acquiring your blocks of IP addresses when they become available through providers like T-Mobile and Interlir.

Why would anyone lease unused IP addresses?

It depends on how much space you need.

The Internet Protocol is one of many protocols (series of rules) that govern the communication between a computer and a network. The Internet Protocol defines an IP address as a unique string of numbers that can be used to identify any device on an IP network. For example, your computer has an individual IP address that allows it to connect with web services you’ve requested or video chat with friends. But it turns out we are running out of those addresses, and soon there won’t be enough for everyone’s devices. So, here’s how you lease IPv4 addresses ahead of time, so they’ll be ready when you need them.

If you’re not using your IP addresses, why not lease them out to businesses that need additional addresses? In addition to increasing your profits on unused assets, leases generate recurring income every month. You can lease your unused IP addresses by creating a sub-allocation pool of one or more contiguous /8s (256 to 65,536 individual /24 blocks). The person leasing an address from you will pay for a single allocation from that pool, which is how they receive their desired number of IP addresses. When leases expire after five years (or earlier if either party decides), you’ll be able to use those blocks again for your purposes. This way, everyone wins! You can lease unneeded IP addresses and create a stream of recurring revenue; potential lessees get access to address space without waiting for a future round of IPv4 allocations; Internet users have uninterrupted access when transitioning from one leased block to another.

 Some might worry that allowing organizations to lease unused addresses will take away Internet users’ IP address space. Still, leases typically last five years, after which organizations will receive a single allocation from your pool and have their leased blocks returned to you. So there’s no long-term impact on future IP allocations. If anything, leases are an incentive for ISPs and businesses with large stockpiles of unused addresses to release them back into circulation rather than hoard them. This additional availability of IPv4 addressing space should keep IP address assignment needs—and costs—from escalating for many years. In other words, getting creative about allocating or renting out your IP addresses can generate extra revenue without affecting Internet users’ ability to get online.

 So why would anyone lease unused IP addresses? In many cases, there’s no downside. You don’t lose control of your unneeded IP addresses since you’ll receive back all of them plus a single allocation from your pool after five years (or sooner if either party decides). Plus, you can generate recurring revenue every month without selling or transferring your existing address space. It’s a win-win for everyone involved! If you’d like more information about leasing IPv4 addresses and setting up an allocation from one or more contiguous /16s—or if you need assistance setting-up a sub-allocation pool in RIPE DB—don’t hesitate to get in touch with Interlir. We’re here to help!

 Contact us if you’re interested in leasing your unused IP addresses and don’t know where to start. We can provide more information about how sub-allocation pools work, answer any questions you may have, and give you assistance getting started. And remember: You don’t need to use RIPE DB for a sub-allocation pool; if you prefer using legacy RIPE tools instead, we can set that up for you. Suppose you’re new to leasing IP addresses or entering into such agreements. In that case, we also offer a  training session that covers all aspects of managing leasing space and what happens when leases expire.

Who are some of the organizations leasing IP address space?

Germany, China, and India have all been leasing (renting) IP address space to ISPs since 2010. An emerging industry of providers rents small or large blocks of IP addresses every month. This short-term rental option lets you cover your immediate needs without a long-term commitment—ideal for organizations that might not need more than 1-2 blocks of space in any given year. Rental prices vary depending on the provider and the time/size of the block required.

IP Provider is a company that leases out IP addresses. They have become more popular as organizations realize they can cover their short-term needs without a long-term commitment. In addition, some providers offer discounts for renting multiple blocks of IP addresses. For example, if you lease two blocks of 1024 IP addresses each, you might get a 3% discount on your total price. This can make leasing an attractive option for smaller organizations with more immediate needs but who don’t want to commit to a long-term contract or pay higher prices for permanent IP address space. The provider typically handles all maintenance and technical support related to your leased IP address space, so there’s no need for you to set up or maintain your equipment.

What advantages does leasing provide?

If you’ve found a block of IP addresses, you’d like to rent or lease, it’s time to start inquiring about pricing and rates. The prices can change often based on availability and location but increased 100% since 2021 to 50$ per IP. These services offer savings, but they’ll also allow you to save space by bundling multiple IP address ranges into one lease. For example, if your company is looking for a /16 (that’s 65,536 unique IP addresses), you could quickly be paying millions USD when purchasing that many IPs outright—and then still have a lot of unused IP space.

 Renting IP addresses isn’t just beneficial for businesses and government entities who need space but don’t want to commit to long-term leases. Even homeowners are turning to IP address leasing and rental services as Internet connections become increasingly vital—and often nearly necessary—too many facets of life today. A typical home may require a static public IP address for its primary connection and more ephemeral (often dynamic) IP addresses for wireless routers and home networks. No matter your needs, you can lease an IP address with any provider from all over Europe and other regions worldwide.

Is there an alternative solution?

Many ISPs, organizations, and other entities that currently get IP addresses from organizations like ARIN or RIPE will be interested in leasing IPv4 addresses when they become available for lease. New networks are also likely to emerge internationally—primarily in Germany, which has already begun preparing a leasing market; time will tell whether both organizations and individuals embrace it outside of Germany. If you’re planning on launching a new network and want to quickly gain access to a large block of IP addresses (for instance, if you’re a data center company), then your best bet is probably going to be renting them on an international level.

 From a cost perspective, leasing IP addresses is often cheaper than buying a large block of static IP addresses. Organizations that rely on public Internet backbones for their business operations may also gain access to new address blocks through service providers and regional network operators. Most importantly, moving away from static leases towards dynamic pooling may also help ensure that we don’t run out of IPv4 addresses in five years! When you lease an address, it becomes part of a pool that your ISP or provider can assign to different devices at different times, preventing anyone particular device from consuming too many individual IP addresses. ISPs could even use lease pools for everyday Internet users – if you rent a static IP address today, you probably have hundreds of unused addresses.

 Your best option for accessing a large pool of IP addresses for both new and established networks will be renting addresses from an existing network operator. As mentioned above, Germany has already built up a significant market for leasing IPv4 addresses; operators are now using some unused address blocks to lease out to other organizations. It’s likely that Germany, and potentially other countries, will create more leasing markets as more and more IP addresses become available. But whether or not your country makes an IPv4 address-leasing market, you’ll have no trouble accessing them internationally – many ISPs already offer leased address blocks. In contrast, major national providers like Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, NTT Communications, and Singtel have all said they will rent out different IP addresses.

Rent IPv4 with Interlir Marketplace

To lease an IPv4 address, you have two options: You can sign a contract with Interlir or use our marketplace platform. Leasing an IP address through Interlir gives you more flexibility, but it also requires that you sign a contract. If you choose to rent an address from our marketplace, Interlir handles all of your payments and any disputes that may arise during your lease period (see below for details). Tell us how many addresses you need, and we’ll take care of everything else! Our leasing system is secure and reliable—and it makes leasing IPv4 as easy as possible. No matter which option you choose, leasing an IPv4 address from Interlir allows you to do what’s most important: focus on running your business instead of worrying about whether there will be enough IPv4 addresses available in 2022.

 Renting from Interlir is fast and easy; tell us how many IPs you need, and we’ll take care of everything else! In addition, you can use the Interlir platform to rent only those addresses you need. This is particularly useful if you want more IP addresses but not enough for a full /16 or /20 allocation. With our platform, you don’t have to worry about wasting any IP addresses by paying for an entire block that won’t meet your needs in 2022.

Contact Interlir team

Paul Goloborodko

Interlir Product director, VP

How to Monetize IP Network

Even if you have absolutely no intention of selling your IPv4 network, you can still monetize IP in specific ways. Whether you want to rent out unused IP addresses or sell your IP address space to another party, there are multiple options available to get some extra cash out of it, even if you don’t intend to stop using it yourself soon. Plus, if an IPv4 shortage ever hits the market and IPv4 prices skyrocket, you’ll be glad that you took the time to learn how to monetize your IPv4 network beforehand!

Why is it essential to monetize IP addresses? The Internet is growing exponentially, and in doing so, it has run out of space to allocate IP addresses. As IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) reserves for Internet service providers are depleted, internet engineers are forced to find solutions that allow IP addresses to be shared across multiple users. Without a proper solution in place, you will not be able to monetize your IPv4 network—meaning you will miss out on an essential source of revenue. To ensure you can adequately monetize your IPv4 network, you need to work with qualified experts who have extensive experience with various addressing methods. At Interlir, we specialize in monetizing IPv4 networks by implementing public IP address sharing solutions.

Our experts offer one-on-one consulting services and customized workshops explicitly tailored to each client’s needs. When choosing Interlir as your preferred provider for managing your IPv4 network, you can rest assured knowing our expert staff members have extensive experience with the technical and business aspects of sharing IP addresses between users.  With over 20 years of experience under our team belt, Interlir has developed a proven track record for making sure businesses can seamlessly share their public IP addresses. We pride ourselves on being flexible and willing to meet each client’s unique needs. We offer high-quality customer support at no additional cost to clients—which means you get personalized attention from start to finish when working with us. Whether you need help getting started or have questions about setting up specific features, we are here for you.

What are the benefits of obtaining an IP address pool?

If you own a business, you probably already know that your company’s IP address is essential in maintaining its internet presence. Businesses rely on IP addresses for everything from crucial functions (sending and receiving data) to more advanced uses (such as video conferencing). But what most businesses don’t realize is that they can actually capitalize on their IP address by utilizing it in multiple ways, not just online business. By obtaining a pool of unique IP addresses, you can take advantage of your web presence and turn it into a natural source of income. Let’s take a look at how… 

What are some common misconceptions about IP address allocation and management?

First, it’s common for people to believe that only one company is responsible for maintaining IP address space. Actually, five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) manage and allocate blocks of IP addresses on behalf of their respective regions around the world. 

The second common misconception is that if you want an IPv4 address block for your business, you will be able to get one from one of these RIRs without any trouble. In reality, each RIR allocates blocks based on a set policy or plan. If you don’t fit into one of those plans, then you may not be able to obtain an IPv4 address block. 

Thirdly, some people think that they can avoid getting involved with IPv6 by simply obtaining enough IPv4 addresses to meet their needs. This isn’t true; while it might take longer for many organizations to run out of allocated IPv4 address space than expected, eventually, everyone will need additional addresses—or they won’t be able to grow their businesses!  

 One misconception is that it’s hard to monetize IP network and make it profitable. With Interlir, you can increase revenue by selling or leasing out your own and other networks’ unused or underused IP address space, guaranteed 100% safety. Find out more about how you can get started today!

 The Interlir team knows that there are many misconceptions about how easy it is to monetize an IPv4 network and have done away with those barriers by offering a completely automated and secure way to lease out your address space. Interlir is changing that. You get paid immediately into your own bank account after each transfer or renewal, so there’s no waiting around on any quarterly payments. This process could not be more straightforward. It really couldn’t be easier!

Who can help me obtain an IP address block or manage my existing one? Someone specializing in managing IP address blocks worldwide is called a Regional Internet Registry or RIR. A Regional Internet Registry (RIR) is a non-profit organization with members representing different world geographical regions. Each RIR is responsible for managing one or more publically routable IP address ranges and allocates smaller portions of its range to Local Internet Registries (LIRs), which give those portions to end-users. In most cases, an LIR must apply for and receive an allocation from an RIR before it can issue addresses directly to its customers. ARIN, RIPE NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, and AfriNIC are the five current RIRs. You may be able to monetize your existing IPv4 network by selling unused IP addresses within your network. Some companies specialize in brokering sales of IP address space on behalf of their clients. These companies will also manage many aspects of transferring ownership and registration as required by various regulatory agencies.

 While you can monetize your IP addresses directly with those who wish to purchase, most businesses that sell or lease IP address space do so through an intermediary. This intermediary is typically called a Registrar, Broker, Reseller, or Service Provider. In most cases, an organization will turn over management of their network and/or IP address allocations to a third party, providing all services related to managing network assets and existing IP allocation or outsourcing such assistance as appropriate. The exact process for selling or leasing IP address space varies by country and region. For example, in Germany (Deutschland), it is possible to transfer ownership of unused IP addresses without requiring approval from a regulatory agency. In other countries, however, companies wishing to broker sales of IP address space must apply for permission from a government regulator before making any sales.  Each country has a governing agency that oversees the allocations of IP address space. This is usually a non-profit organization established for that purpose and includes national RIRs and LIRs. In most cases, to broker transfers of IP address space, an intermediary must either operate from within a country or be incorporated there. A few countries, including Germany (Deutschland), allow businesses outside their borders to manage sales or leases of unused IP addresses on behalf of their clients without requiring approval from regulators first. If you are located in Germany (Deutschland), you can monetize your new IPv4 network using any brokers specializing in brokering sales of IP address space on behalf of their clients. 

What does it take to monetize IP a viable pool of IP addresses?

The most significant decision you’ll make when monetizing your IPv4 network is how to market it. If you don’t have a network, here are some helpful tips: How to buy an IPv4 network

Once you’re ready, though, there are two common ways to monetize your IP address space. 

The first option is selling them directly as part of a more significant offering, such as a collocation service or multi-homing agreement. 

The second option is selling them through brokers and auctions. This can be trickier because of potential price fluctuations and less predictable returns, but you get better visibility of how much money your network makes each month.

And the last and most profitable way is to lease out your unused IPv4 networks with Interlir IPv4 marketplace.

 Interlir offers you a profitable price for your unused IPv4. If you are not ready to be out of business, it is an excellent way to keep your network online. 

Is this really the right solution for me to monetize IP?

This is perhaps one of the most common questions about network monetization. It boils down to: is it better for you to sell your IP address blocks or sub-allocated them? Is there even a difference? Let’s break it down. If you own an IP address block and have some primary use for that block, such as your company uses a /16 IP address block internally, then sub-allocates out a smaller /22 block to other internal networks. What are your options when that IP address space is eventually exhausted? 

Here are three options you might want to consider 

1) Release unused address space back into RIR

2) Sell or sub-allocate unused IP addresses

3) Reserve those addresses for future use  

 If you choose option 1, releasing unused IP addresses back into RIR, you have effectively no use for those address blocks. This can be a viable option if you are in a position where your usage has reached its peak.

If you choose option 2, sub-allocating those unused addresses to another party who will use them, then what are your responsibilities? Do you need to provide documentation proving ownership of those IP addresses? Do you need to track how many times those IP addresses are sub-allocated and ensure they don’t get exhausted again? The answer is yes! You must document every transaction involving your IP address block, including but not limited to:

  • When it was allocated.
  • When it was released.
  • When it was transferred from one entity to another and so forth.

What happens if one day an audit is performed by an external auditor or RIR representative (like ARIN) and they discover that there were some undocumented transactions involving your IP address space? Well… good luck explaining yourself! You must also maintain records indicating how often each individual /24 block within that /16 block has been allocated. 

Interlir has a solution; we will manage RIR databases for you; just sign a management agreement and set our maintainer interlir-mnt. The rest is our duty.

Now that you have your pool, what should you do with it? Monetize IP!

Now that you’ve got a big pool of IP addresses, what do you want to do with them? Why not monetize them and start making money? Turn it into a business – lease out your newly acquired IPs and make some money. But before you can decide whether selling your IPs is a good idea, here are some of the things you should consider: #Cost/Benefit Ratio. 

Final thoughts.

It is critical to consider which method you will use to monetize your IPv4 network. While there are several methods of doing so, you have complete control over what approach you take and how it impacts your company’s bottom line.

INTERLIR : IPv4 Networks Marketplace and Broker

Interlir (managed by Interlir GmbH from Berlin, Germany) is a marketplace solution that provides real-time addresses leasing and market visualization. Our aim is to deliver real-time solutions addressing network address availability problems with innovative ways of solving them. We offer an efficient platform where owners meet users, increasing networks availability and optimizing their value.Our goal is to become the most reliable address provider and market leader worldwide.


With the help of our platform, you can redistribute the entire mass of IPv4 resources unused in Europe and around the world for practical use, offering everyone who really needs IPv4 addresses to lease them from their owners for a while and as needed on a reimbursable basis. Also Interlir provides support fo permanent transfers of IP networks.

Here you can find and trade IPv4 networks with other companies, organizations, or individuals in need of IPv4 networks or simply looking to rent out their unused space on their networks. No more sub-leasing, no more getting ripped off by brokers! You can now find other organizations that need IPv4 addresses in your range and trade with them directly!

Interlir IPv4 rent marketplace


The main objective of Interlir is to bring network block owners and clients closer together and increase the visibility of the IP address market. We will offer a simple, transparent, and automated process of leasing out or selling IP addresses to end-users to reach it.

Our portal will act as a broker platform between clients looking for IP space to start hosting their websites or online services and local network owners (enterprises, service providers). The service will benefit end-users and be very useful for network space owners. We need more people that have IPv4 networks to rent them out on our marketplace.

We want to provide a suitable environment where IP owners and clients can make deals that fit them best! This service is needed since many organizations don’t use all their IPs and want someone else to pay for those unused IPs instead of wasting money on something they won’t use! Also, we need our customers who wish to host websites or online services because most ISP doesn’t give out new public IPs anymore, so if you want one, you need to get one from another source! And lastly, we need companies like ours that provide internet access using private IP ranges!

So please join us today and help us improve your business by joining our community!

Interlir IPv4 rent marketplace model

Scenario 1 – Customer

An Interlir’s IP Marketplace works like car rental services where you can choose the required vehicle and pay only when using it. There are no obligations to buy or return, no need to spend money on a new car or contract obligations, just pay as you go with only what you need!  You are a customer, and you need an IP network with a certain number of addresses to connect your offices. You go on Interlir, select the required number of addresses, where you want to join them, and how long. After that, the Interlir system matches your request with available networks in inventory and shows available networks that can meet your needs. All networks are pre-approved by the owners.

For network owners, it’s a new opportunity to rent out their networks and make some extra money without the additional costs of running network equipment and maintenance 24×7! On Interlir, all expenses are included in the lease price! And we only take any commissions from leasing fees for management services – we want to make your business flourish! We want to show how accessible and profitable business with Interlir can be! For IP address end-users, it’s an excellent opportunity to rent IP addresses only when they need them. No need anymore to overbuy or store unused IP addresses; just pay for what you use!

Why Buy/Rent IP Networks?

Several online services have been created to serve as marketplaces where anyone can buy and/or rent network address space, from small business owners looking to upgrade their current network address space, to service providers that want additional address space to host an expanding number of clients.

As a result, more and more IP network owners are willing to sell or rent their IP space. Anyone can rent unused addresses at affordable prices, paying only when using them. That is why we created our own IP network marketplace – Interlir. It is truly an international platform with over 20% of users originating from Germany and other significant user bases in France, Turkey, Poland, the UK, Brazil, and Japan.


Our IP network marketplace is an ideal way to purchase unused network address space and/or rent it out to those in need. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly buy or sell IPv4 addresses with just a few clicks. We ensure that every step of the process goes smooth and seamless, providing all tools needed at the lowest prices on the market.

 The first time your order was made, we already got paid. You pay monthly you have ordered our service. Our revenue depends solely on your feedback, so we strive to please our customers by constantly improving our site’s selections of networks and the functionality of our site.

 You can purchase unused network addresses to /upgrade your current IP address space and rent them out to cover all or part of your hosting expenses. All purchases can be made using either credit cards, SEPA, or Giropay accounts, and if you don’t have either of those – we can accept cryptocurrency as an additional payment method. Since all transactions on our platform are protected with SSL encryption and carried out through Stripe secure payments, it’s a safe way to both buy and sell network addresses.

Scenario 2 – The Provider (Who Owns the IP Networks)

The provider has a network with public IP addresses (for example, /24 netmasks or bigger) that are not in use and are not assigned to anyone. Its parameters are defined to allow easy implementation into existing infrastructure without any problems. The provider signs up at Interlir and indicates available prefixes he wants to share with other people. Once registered at the platform (which takes 5 minutes), he can make a virtual shelf, similar to eBay’s auction page, where he lists his inventory. He will be ready to lease out.

 After the IP owner lists his inventory (that usually contains /24 to /16 netmasks), he does not has to wait till someone interested contacts him; it’s all up to Interlir to proceed with deals and setup IPv4 rent deal. All contracts between providers and network owners are signed privately, and all information is confidential. To protect the personal data of provider and network owner, all correspondence related to sales goes through the Interlir automated portal, which ensures that no data leaves our platform without necessity. All other marketplace participants can use an advanced filtering system, which allows them to show only those networks they are interested in.

New to the market?

With the INTERLIR solution at hand, even a novice user can start making money right away! The provider has nothing to do after somebody rents his IPv4 address. The whole transaction happens automatically and is under the control of Interlir administrators. Our platform changes required network parameters and automatically updates RIR databases in a short time. The new owner can work with it like its own network (he gets all the necessary information from our platform).

 Our platform takes care of all other aspects – it checks if there are no conflicts, verifies possible overlaps, and makes sure everything works as planned. When everything is ready, Interlir sends a confirmation email to both parties (provider and purchaser), which allows them to start using the new network without any problems.

IP Networks Owners

The owners of IP networks will be able to list their network address space on a marketplace and rent, lease out or sell it as needed. IP addresses are often not fully used at each network, so owners have many unused addresses that they are willing to give away and earn some money. This service will provide an online platform that allows IP networks owners to offer their unused IP address space, either on rent or sale. The aim is to drive up the turnover of IPv4 networks by giving end-users access to extra IP addresses instead of having them wait until new IP address blocks become available on a first-come-first-served basis.

 So, if you want to exchange or rent your unused IP addresses online at a market price and help accelerate IPv6 deployment simultaneously, you can sign up as an owner on the Interlir platform now! Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly after receiving your application and will prepare everything so that you can launch your network as a business partner with just a few clicks. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us – just fill out our online form at! We hope many IP networks owners will join us soon!

Unused IPs

 Other companies that have unused IP addresses or need more IP addresses may also be interested in joining our platform. Our platform will provide you with an easy way to buy or rent additional IP address space, which can be routed using private networking solutions to your data center or other locations.

If you want to sell your entire network and move it somewhere else, we will help you find a buyer and ensure that all data is preserved throughout your migration. We are here for you! The potential of Interlir’s solution is already clear – It’s time to enable Internet access for everyone in a more efficient manner now!

How to list a network with Interlir to monetise with IPv4 network rent ?

A step-by-step list of all necessary steps to list a network on IP Network Marketplace. How to properly save network information, make the network as visible as possible, and find the right people using the right tools.  

In adding a new IP network, you need to fill out a form to check the ownership of the network and indicate the conditions for renting IP networks.

To publish the IP network on the Interlir marketplace, the IP owner should prepare the network and transfer the rights to manage the network to the Interlir platform.

The process consists of 3 steps.

Checklist : Check details here

  1. Create a company account
  2. Publish an IP network
  3. Subscription management

As soon as you sign a contract and set MNT-LOW or MNT-BY to interlir-mnt, your network will be available on the marketplace for rent.

How to find good rent customers?

Many network owners worry about when, how, and where to advertise their network. In our opinion, these questions are fundamental. We will answer them in detail below. How to get maximum profit from your network?:

Step-by-step list of all necessary steps to maximize your earnings from IP networks. 

1) Set a fair market price IPv4 rent

2) Provide a long term agreement (12-50 months)

3) Provide clean, spam-free networks

Interlir is running a project in Germany with several German Hosting companies. The purpose of that cooperation is to help small businesses utilize their unutilized IP addresses with IPv4 rent, consequently reducing overhead costs in both man-hours and time for network administrators and allowing them to do more valuable things with those same resources. 

The Nitty Gritty Details on Rental Price, Deposit, and Other Things

Consider important details once you’ve decided to rent out an IP network. After all, someone may want to IPv4 network rent , but they may have a few questions before they do. So it’s best to have some answers ready. Here are a few of the nitty-gritty details that you’ll need to figure out when setting up your rental business…

 With so many important details to cover, it’s good to have a checklist you can use every time someone wants to IPv4 network rent . And it’s easy to set one up. All you need is paper and pen or a computer spreadsheet.

As long as your forms are clear and complete, having everything in writing will help you manage any issues that may arise along the way with renting out an IP network. At the same time, Interlir offers your completely automated checklist. Just provide your company details and network addresses. Interlir will help you by providing automated workflows and integrated payment and contract approval systems, so you will never miss anything important. Whether you are an owner or end-user, our marketplace will help you get most IP network resources.


Interlir is a marketplace solution that provides real-time addresses leasing and market visualization. Our aim is to deliver real-time solutions addressing network address availability problems with innovative ways of solving them. We offer an efficient platform where owners meet users, increasing networks availability and optimizing their value. Our goal is to become the most reliable address provider and market leader worldwide.

How to sell IPv4 with Interlir Marketplace ?

How to sell IP addresses?

Selling IP addresses is a rather complicated and often time-consuming process. Working with an Interlir Marketplace will save you the aggravation of most of this process. Our marketplace helps you find the buyer, carrying out legal checks, negotiating on price, and formal rules and regulations by the RIR are just examples of the entire process.

Initiating your selling process it’s key to finding the right buyer. 

We’ll counsel you during price negotiations, transfer regulations, etc.

We’ve formed a vast network of customers searching to purchase IP networks. This provides you with a database full of required partners. 

Sell IP addresses in the RIPE and other regions.

It does not matter if you’re a beginner or a guru in the IP market; we’ll guide you through the entire process. Based in Germany but helping clients worldwide, focusing on the RIPE region, we’ve assembled a network of associates willing to purchase excess IP addresses from companies ready to sell. 

Your IP address for sale

We will approach marketplace buyers and partners when you arrange to trade IP addresses. 

We will consult you on the entire process and support each step.

The marketplace process is much easier than ordinary. You just post your network, sign an electronic agreement, and the marketplace does the rest. It will inform potential buyers of the new offer, collect bids, and Interlir will choose on your behalf the best offer. Interlir works with escrow services to process deals, so both customer funds and your networks are safe.

This process will serve you a complete insight into the steps we take and help you sell IP addresses for great profit.

Sell IP addresses with Interlir.

When you choose Interlir Marketplace as your partner in selling IP addresses, we make sure to act in your best interests and find buyers willing to buy your IP address for sale. 

You can have enjoyed the value you’ve just awarded yourself by deciding to sell your surplus assets for a good profit. Sell IP addresses through Interlir Marketplace and let us take care of the mandatory organizational issues. You should expect nothing but frank advice from Interlir – we benefit your interests.

IPv4 Sell process in details

Provide your IP network to the marketplace

  • Initiating your selling process it’s key to finding the right buyer. 
  • First of all, you should register on Interlir marketplace
  • Then provide IP network with your desires for prices and time-frame to close a deal
  • Interlir will check your offer and post it a marketplace
  • Contact us at for details
  • Get more details on a process by clicking to a link

Collect bids

  • Interlir marketplace will post your offer on a marketplace after background check
  • Marketplace member will bid on your offer
  • Interlir will choose a best with a highest price and proceed with an escrow deal


  • Escrow services are trusted service for a important deals
  • Interlir uses escrow service, that is why your networks and customer funds are safe
  • For each IP transfer, Interlir creates an escrow deal and is responsible for it’s management

Transfer addresses and funds transfer

  • A seller transfers IP addresses with a help of Intelir. After a transfer have been confirmed with a buyer, escrow funds would been transferred to a seller.

Rent, Lease or Buy IP address for marketing

Fair prices and a market state. Currently, all IT companies and divisions providing communication services in one way or another are faced with the need to take into account the cost of using IP addressing in their budgets and, as a consequence, in the price of the final product. To rent IP is a suitable answer for the decreased budgets.

It is no secret to anyone that the depletion of IPv4 addresses has led to the emergence of the cost of this resource and, as a result, to a rapidly growing market.

Now, when forming an IT service, the provider must take into account the cost of the IP address used in it. This, of course, leads to an objective increase in the cost of services such as VPS and VPN, Proxy as well as for Internet access services, where the use of “white” IP addresses is necessary, and the transition to IPv6 for some reason is impossible.

The growth in the cost of IP addresses has been going on for the last 10 years, but it has been more than 10% per month over the last two years. To rent IP is much Such dynamics do not remain without consequences and the cost of some digital services will certainly grow.

Join the Interlir platform to acquire IP addresses at a fair price. Check now at :

There are simple steps to get your network

Check the video below with a detailed instruction on how to make an order :

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