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Bare Metal Servers

If you need a server to use a dedicated system by one user, then the best option would be to rent Bare Metal Servers. Among their main advantages are: security, confidentiality and good performance. Bare Metal Servers rent is provided by Interlir for the best price for the service, guaranteeing reliable performance that will meet the needs of the user, as well as save the budget of the buyer.

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So what is Bare Metal Server?

A physical server that is intended for use by one client - this is how Bare Metal Server is defined. This solution allows you not to reduce performance, unlike a virtual server, where several clients are hosted, which when working give a high load on the server, slowing down its operation. Using Bare Metal Server seems to be much more convenient, more comfortable and faster.

Who needs Bare Metal Servers?

Dedicated Bare Metal Server will be a great solution for environments where large workloads are used. These can be gaming sites or sites with game design that require a large amount of computing power and have large databases. It is also suitable for websites with rendering.

In Interlir, you can rent a Bare Metal Server and get full activation in the shortest time - it will take only 10-15 minutes. We also provide automatic installation of the Linux operating system: Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD.

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Advantages of Bare Metal Server

has fast performance.

Since the server uses only one user, and not several at once, it will work much faster than a virtual one.

will not provide problems with delay.

Even with the highest load on the server, Bare Metal Server will not slow down the work. Your customers will be able to use it at any time without encountering problems with slow loading and lack of connection.

has a low price for such a workload.

Renting a Bare Metal Server is much more profitable than a virtual one if you are a large company and use a large number of workloads.

can combine high performance and ease of use.

By renting cloud-based Bare Metal Servers, you get the key features of both. That is, the server performance is maintained, and the virtual server provides clear and convenient use.


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